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Build your own welded aluminum or steel boat building manual

Hi, my name is Darcy Kellahan and since 1972 I have been in business building aluminum boats, 10′ to 40′ in length using this fast and proven building method I have developed. I built the first two boats – one steel and one aluminum – in my backyard; both 24′ in length. I have designed and built hundreds of successful boats using this construction method and they have been proven on the rugged coast of British Columbia and Alaska.

My aluminum boat building manual of easy to follow instructions has over 120 drawings and photos plus step-by-step text. Professionals and amateurs have been using this aluminum boat building method for years while saving large amounts of time and money. No previous boat building experience is required. The measurements in the manual are for a 24′ to 30′ boat and may be scaled up or down for larger or smaller boats. The instructions take you from the aluminum sheets on the floor to the finished aluminum work including the cabin. Proper fuel tank construction and installation instructions are included. The manual is ideal for building 12′ to 18′ boats.

You may start your own aluminum boat building or steel boat building business as I and some of my customers have done. The boats built with this method allow the builders to include their own custom requirements such as tow post, railings, crab trap pullers, radar arches, etc. Power options include outboard, inboard/outboard, O/B or inboard jet, “V” drive, conventional gas or diesel. A basic hull (bottom sides and transom) can often be put together in a few days. I built three 40′ boats by myself with the help of a gantry.

Major advantages of aluminum

  • Aluminum has excellent durability and has been used in boat building since the early 1900′s
  • Marine alloys 5052 and 5086 have excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Near zero maintenance.
  • Easy and light to work with. Most wood tools (saw blades, etc.) can be used for aluminum.
  • Aluminum is easy to weld with the M.I.G. type machine. The manual shows an ideal, reasonably priced welding machine.
  • Aluminum does not burn. Using this method, no jigs, fixtures or lofting are required.
  • All the boats shown in our gallery have been built with this method.

Some boat plans can cost hundreds of dollars. The aluminum boat building manual is now offered at the much reduced price of $30 (Reg. $85) plus $10 shipping and handling for a total of only $40. If you are thinking of building your own aluminum boat, this manual is a must have and will pay for itself the first hour of construction in labour costs.

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Happy boat building! – Darcy Kellahan